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In my Ubiquiti Community Blog I have often told you about it: How to make life more livable. This is about the Internet and, for the most part, about WiFi. It connects and not only with everyone around us, but can connect us with absolutely everyone in this world and maybe even other worlds.

But so that you can do this easily and without thinking too much, there are a few people who make the world a little more comfortable for the rest of us. In the future, I will transfer a few blogs from my Ubiquiti blog here, so that my blog can also be viewed by non-Ubiquiti Premium customers. Here's what it actually is.

You may not have heard the name before, but it means what it means. He is omnipresent. If you connect to an airport with WLAN, this comes from a Ubiquiti access point. If you use the WiFi in America, the probability that you have not been connected to a Ubiquiti Internet since almost 0.

Started two decades ago with adapters that made computers Internet-enabled, today they are the largest manufacturer of network components after Cisco. You can also read the exact story here.

Today you are everywhere with Ubiquiti devices. Ubiquiti products are ubiquitous, whether in the bus, train, airport, hotel or dentist. Their recipe for success is not only ingenious quality and design, but also simplicity and price. Hammer products. Our home WiFi for € 500 (approx. € 100 more than a conventional WiFi router that covers a room) now extends roughly to the end of the street.

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