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The Amazing Story behind the HVV App

Aktualisiert: 8. Nov. 2021

2007 - Introduction of the mobile phone ticket for single and day tickets.

Opening of the S-Bahn line to Stade.

For the first time two-system vehicles on the S-Bahn.

2012 - The date of birth of the HVV app. It laid the foundation for the simplification of regional and long-distance transport. The app was released in 2012 and had a website-like design. It was relatively confusing, prone to errors and not exactly there to look forward to.

2015 - The strange layout of the HVV app should change this year. A simple website viewing app became an HTML 4 app. This is a typical standard for that time, which was comparatively good at the time.

2021 - A lot has changed this year, but not all for the better. The app was updated at the end of October to the latest standard, called HTML 5. It is compatible with all cell phones and tablets, adapts itself independently, is safer and faster. The app received a major graphics update to keep up with current design standards. It starts with the colors up to rounded edges and intuitive standards. The HVV logo and colors have also been fundamentally adapted. Colorful and diverse is the new design motto of the HVV

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